Another successful mediation in an international environment.

Mediator Michael Gross led again another successful mediation in an international environment.

It was a dispute that arose between two parties. Subject of the dispute was the creation of a software system for the digitization of a municipal transport company in Germany. The contractor was a foreign contractor. The agreement between the parties provides a dispute settlement clause. According to this clause any dispute shall be submitted to mediation in accordance with the EUCON Mediation Rules, If any such dispute has not been settled by mediation, the EUCON Arbitration Rules shall be applicable under German law. Ostensibly it was about disputes

in the project organization and defects in project processing. The mediation revealed that what was actually at issue was the incorrect assessment of the respective causal contributions and that incorrect financial conclusions were drawn from this . This had a massive impact on the project implementation in terms of time and organization and almost led to the failure of the project. With the support of Michael Gross (30 hours) the parties achieved an acceptable settlement of their dispute. Therefore the settlement was very helpful, fast, not very expensive and Michael Gross was able to maintain his success rate of 95%.

Michael Gross is currently also active as an arbitrator in 3 arbitration proceedings.