Mediator Training Ordinance Will Soon Be Available

The German Federal Ministry of Justice will most likely make the draft of the ordinance on the official training to become a certified mediator from the § 6 Mediation Act public in the near future.  It also addresses further education for mediators and the requirements for training and further education institutions. This will be the first step in clarifying the training and further education opportunities for current and future mediators. The ordinance may also make it easier for companies to set criteria for selecting suitable mediators, as well as for selecting suitable advisors. An article on the Round Table  – Mediation & Conflict Management of the German Economy, entitled “Companies' Expectations of Their Advisors fpr Conflict Advising and Resolution" published in SchiedsVZ 2012, pg. 254 pp., has interesting insight on this topic and was co-authored by Dr. Michael Gross. The mediation community is also curious to see whether large insurance companies will create a certification body for training and further education institutions or if this task will be left to an existing body with experience with mediation and the necessary training for this role.