IP/IT Mediation as Part of a Corporate Conflict Management System

Minimise the amount of time and money spend on internal conflicts and conflicts with other companies.


In the past few years, mediation has been used increasingly by companies in the IP/IT field to

  • Save cost and time
  • Without involving the public (for example government courts)
  • While maintaining the business relationship

In the seminars, you will receive a complete overview of (among others):

  • The new German Mediation Act
  • How to select the "correct" conflict management procedure: the advantages and disadvantages of mediation and other types of conflict management, such as negotiation, arbitration, trials in government courts, arbitrator's expert decisions and conciliation
  • The mediation (e.g. the individual steps in the process)
  • The best approach  for selecting the "right" advisor (e.g. lawyers, patent lawyers, tax advisors/auditors, technical experts) and the "right"  independent third parties, e.g. the (co-) mediators
  • The selection and training of the company employees who will prepare the mediation, participate directly or indirectly and handle the follow-up or, if necessary, the subsequent mediation
  • Checklists, model clauses for contracts with third parties in the case of conflicts, model contracts/clauses between the parties involved and the mediator (mediator contract)
  • Overview and comparison of the cost/time for the most important types of conflict management; tips for the online fee calculator

In the workshops, which can also be combined with the seminars upon request, the participants role-play a mediation, for example (especially the individual steps of the process, preparation and follow-up, the selection of the advisor and (co-) mediators). The participants also have the chance to create model clauses for contracts with other companies and mediator contracts under constant supervision from the instructor.

Intended Audience

The seminars and workshops are mainly intended for

  • Members of the executive board, executive directors, management, and employees of companies
  • Directors and employees of legal/patent/brand/license departments
  • Directors and employees from Purchasing, Sales and Research and Development

Duration and Cost

The duration and cost of the seminars/workshops is determined individually. Normally, they last between 1 and 2 days.


You will learn about conflict management or further your existing knowledge  on the topic. You will gain knowledge about the setup of a conflict management system which you can use to create and build up your own conflict management system. You will profit from an improved conflict strategy within your company and between your company and others, at least in the medium-term. You will optimise your costs (internal and external costs for e.g. lawyers and court) and time by avoiding or properly conducting internal conflicts or conflicts with  third parties, allowing more time for more important business matters ( > the success rate for mediation is  approx. 70 - 80%, for Referenten 95%). And because the event can be put on at your offices, you save time and money on participant and travel costs for the participating employees.


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