Handbuch IP-/IT-Mediation (IP/IT Mediation Handbook)

The 3rd edition of this core literature IP-/IT-Mediation is available now. Renowned guest autors were again won for this new edition. Completely new is chapter D , the Mediator Tool Box for FRAND license fees. This is an important supplementation especially for the negotiation of license agreements and for patent infingement proceedings, in which mediation is increasingly used as a conflict management proceeding.

Der Lizenzvertrag (License Agreements)

License agreements have become an integral part of the modern industrial world. This reference volume, which has been in print since 1959, covers all aspects of licencing laws. It relies heavily on practical examples and includes a comprehensive checklist which contains many helpful phrases for patent, know-how, brand and software license agreements.

Lizenzgebühren (License Royalty Rates)

This book, which can at this point be considered a standard reference work,  is a real treasure trove of information for those looking for quick help in determining appropriate royalty rates for patent, know-how, brand and software license agreements in the national and international markets. It features countless helpful standard phrases for writing contract clauses as well as lists containing the royalty rates for all fields, especially technical fields. National and international tax law are also addressed.

Handbuch Technologietransfer (The Technology Transfer Handbook)

This volume is also gaining in popularity, as it has proved to be a helpful addition to "der Lizenzvertrag" und "Lizenzgebühren". It contains countless model contracts in German and English for any imaginable type of contract which could be important for the transfer of technology, for example NDAs, LOIs, MOUs, vertical and horizontal license agreements, and research and development contracts.

Der Mediatorvertrag (Mediator Contracts)

This Heidelberger Mustervertrag is designed to help define the contractual relationships between the parties involved in a conflict and the mediator(s). Valuable practical tips and the new mediation regulations from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria round out the information in this volume.