Der Lizenzvertrag (License Agreements)

Gross, Der Lizenzvertrag, 12th edition, Frankfurt a.M. 2021, approx. 1326 pages

License agreements, a term used to describe contracts for granting user, manufacturing and sales rights for e.g. a patent, a utility model, a software copyright, an industrial design, know-how or a brand, are an important part of business. This established reference work, in its 11th edition, expounds on the entire field of license agreement law with an emphasis on 12,000 practical examples. Topics addressed include: content, legal nature and type of license agreement, responsibilities of the licencor and licensee, liabilities, license agreements in foreign countries, tax law, and German and European cartel law. A comprehensive checklist with contract clauses provides help when working on contracts. A detailed commentary of the new Block Exemption Regulation (EU) No 316/2014 for technology transfer agreements (patent licenses, know-how licenses, copyright licenses) and of the guidelines for technology transfer agreements enable a deeper understanding of this work. The new regulation and the new guidelines are provided in the Annex.

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