Handbuch Technologietransfer (The Technology Transfer Handbook)

Gross, Handbuch Technologietransfer, Frankfurt am Main 2010

Technology transfer agreements always play a large role in the workings of a company. More and more companies are being forced to cooperate with other businesses and research institutions worldwide. This handbook makes it easier for readers who are not often confronted with these types of agreements to understand the setup of contracts in a national and international context. In addition to the contracts which prepare the actual transfer of technology (for example non-disclosure agreements, memorandums of understanding, letters of intent, evaluation agreements), research and development contracts, license agreements  (both vertical and horizontal agreements) and the possible methods for resolving conflict (outside of court) are covered. All agreements presented in the text are accompanied by multiple model agreements, checklists, overviews and practical tips, many of them in English.

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